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At Almon InvestmentsMeta, we don't only invest in iconic NFTs, we also invest in the creators and businesses building the open Metaverse at their earliest stage, giving our investors the ability to generate outrageous returns while supporting the growing ecosystem of creators,coders,designers and entrepreneurs who are shaping web3.



The Fund’s objective is to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns primarily through the acquisition, management, development and sale of digital parcels in blockchain-based metaverses in the form of non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”).



The fund is focused on acquiring, managing, developing, and selling digital parcels across various crypto-based metaverses. By employing a unique combination of experience and knowledge in the real estate, development and digital asset management industries, Almon InvestmentsMeta will seek to generate an attractive return on investment, while contributing to the growth, prosperity, and communities in these virtual worlds.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is an alternate digital reality where people socialize, work, play, and transact. Metaverses built on the blockchain are self-contained virtual cities, games, and economies that simulate real-world interactions. The metaverse bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, offering new, exciting methods of interaction. Blockchain-based metaverses distribute ownership and value through native cryptocurrency tokens to their users, players, and land-owners.

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We have created an easier and profitable way for investors to earn from high potential NFT's used in the metaverse.

Almon Investments invests in virtual worlds, or metaverses, built on the blockchain. Our asset management strategy is inspired by traditional real estate investment strategies. We look to acquire, manage, and develop virtual real estate in general

  • Enjoy outrageous returns Investing in our managed diversified portfolio of digital real estate NFTs across various metaverses
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Investing in Almon InvestmentsMeta gives you the ability to profit from the enormous opportunity the metaverse and NFT’s (web3) offers, keeping you in control of your financial journey. Plus, you have the flexibility to opt for a longterm or shorterm investment horizon that best fit your financial goals

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NFT’s across the metaverse and the Web3 in general offers lots of opportunities

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